relax Learn New Skills, Enjoy the Surroundings:   You're welcome to join us and local hill tribe workers, in transforming these parcels.  Comfortable accommodations with kitchens and hw showers are provided for a modest fee. GPS coordinates for our 3 properties; N19.947974 E99.816016 (Houses and orchard at Hoy Plakang village)
N19.5556. E99.4749
(Rim Rock Space Center, with orchard)
N19.55323 E99.47528
 (Boomerang Rock Climbing & Adventure Park

Our rural properties are within walking distance of the meandering Mae Kok river.

We're also not far from Burma. Pictured is a vendor at locals' market at Burmese  border town of Tachilek

girl up on a crag with ropes and climbing gear. 

One of the places to stay

Attractive rural parcels in northernmost Thailand - not far from the tourist town of Chiang Rai.  At any given time, there are interesting projects related to ropes courses, alternative power, unusual buildings, team building activities, and organic orchards. One is a secluded five acres called Rim Rock Space Center featuring meditation and yoga instruction. Another beautiful parcel nearby and closer to the river, is Boomerang Adventure Park featuring rock climbing, zip lines, caving. Already, much infrastructure is in place, but much more needs to be done.

Typical Morning:   Right around three hours each morning are dedicated to work.  You can pick from several options offered, and work at your own pace.  Some recent projects include: propagating thornless blackberries in the garden, building a bamboo foot bridge, transplanting baby Brazil nut trees, crafting and hanging two bamboo gates, constructing a carport roof held aloft by cables.   In recent months, we've built a 20' tall solar tower with panels, put in several brick-floor decks in a rocky shaded hillside, placed a water tub (later for sauna), grafted citrus and avocados, poured a roof-top cement deck for a castle-looking house. 

Typical Afternoon:  Some afternoons we drive to waterfalls or caves to trek around and explore. Rock climbing, bouldering, and floats down the river are entirely possible also.  Other times, you're left to your own devices - whether you'd like to explore on a bicycle, hike around, read a book, or see what's up in the nearby town.  Evenings are up to you.  There are bicycles and motorbikes available for guests.

Photo Gallery of Projects

brief videos:  view from restaurant
view from sunset deck  

exposed limestone rock as tall as a five story building

campfire sing-along

6 x 4 M 'Sunset Deck' set in among rocks up on cliff wall.

Local hill tribe girls came by to visit and show off  their hair-braiding creations.

 duration of stay



 group of 3 or more
 - including children -

 For 3 nights

 $18 per day

shared double  
 $13 per day, per person (Bt.390)

 $11 per person

 For one week

$15 per day

 shared double
 $12 per day, per person (Bt.360)

 $10 per person

Reminder:  rates include separate room with bathroom, hot shower, and kitchen - in park-like rural setting not far from town.

Work a few hours in the morning if you so choose - it's up to you.  At any one time, there are a raft of projects, some of which are particularly interesting, such as alternative power, innovative construction, organic gardening. email

Each enquiry gets one of the e-books mentioned below, for free. In your email, indicate which e-book you'd like to get. These, and other books are also available in paperback at
Farmsteading in Thailand - Memoirs of American coming to Thailand with no connections, no handle on the language, and little money - then going on to develop a homestead with organic orchards featuring fruits and nuts not previously grown in Thailand.  Covers ten years of 'off the tourist trail' experiences, including the challenges of interacting with all sorts of indigenous people, via business, construction, farming, play, hassles and romance.  
  Fasting For Health and Highness - The best health insurance is staying healthy. This 120 page illustrated booklet shows how a sensible juice / cleansing fasting is just the ticket. All the essentials a person needs to know about fasting, regarding safety, benefits, myth-busting, and the best methods. The mention of ‘your highness’ in the book’s title, refers to the ‘natural high’ that comes about during the latter stages of a successful fast. 
Milarepa was a Buddhist poet saint who roamed the Himalayas 900 years ago. His real life story weaves a tapestry of deprivation, black magic, profound seclusion, and spiritual enlightenment. Also part of the Kagyu lineage, Milarepa is a beloved character among Tibetans.  
  700 Thai Words Taken From English.  The Thai word 'tap sap' designates words used in the Thai language which have been taken from other languages, not just English. Example: 'giraffe' or 'oasis' taken from Arabic. Besides the 700 words and related entomology, the book contains primers for learning Thai, quickly and easily. Also available in paperback.  
B O O M E R A N G 
Rock Climbing and Adventure Park
- Outdoor fun for the whole family, Chiang Rai, northernmost Thailand
Books by Ken Albertsen
Topics: Thailand, travel, Tibet, organic farming, cleansing fasts, political satire, Chinese and Hong Kong history, anti-nuclear activism,  alternative energy & lifestyle
Solar Panels and DC pumps
Ease off the AC electric grid, and become energy independent. A typical water pumping system- pays for itself in 4 to 5 years.
Solar Solutions
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Rim Rock Resort - camping, meditation, yoga
.....all in a 5 acre magical secluded outdoor setting. Planning to open sometime in 2013. Seeking staff to assist.

Wisdom ebooks - A comprehensive ebook directory
 Farm Stay in enchanting rural setting
in northermost Thailand, near Burma and Laos
Lodging with own kitchen and solar hw shower, near tourist town.
added option:
Add-on: Join in archaeological dig on-site.


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